Sunday, 7 July 2013

Placing the buildings ...

Managed to get a little extra planting done this weekend, and did a first placement of most of  the buildings - which helps the garden look less bare too.
Plan to have the main town by the path with the railway running behind the houses, the main station will be one the right of the town.
The railway will run in front of the windmill and house, then loop round past the signal box and into the main station
 On the other side opposite the rockery, ther will be a small village and a little station there as well,
I have a few station buildings and bits of platform in store which will go into position later; as I lay the track down I may have shift the planned location of things a bit.

Monday, 1 July 2013

Rockery initial planting ...

Not much progress to report on the track laying front (due to me having some muscular problems in my shoulder and neck over the last couple of weeks), however recently have got some initial planting done in the rockery. A nice little Acer in the middle at the back and some alpines round the front.