Saturday, 8 November 2014

End of running season ....

Well with the weather closing in its the end of the outdoor running season for me. I've been enjoying the weather and running my little trains around when I fancy.


During August I went round to a friend's for his garden railway open evening; had great time. My little train pottering round ...

 One of my friends trains ....

 I had to leave before seeing this rather long train running,
apparently 2 more wagons were added and two diesel locos to pull it.


All the final pruning and tidying of the garden is now done,  the grass/wild meadow centre did well giving us a lot of wild flowers. I managed to get the grass cut during last week, there are few small bald areas which can be sorted out next spring.
There are a few jobs to sort out on the railway. The main ones are positioning of the feeds for powering the track and levelling of the track.