Tuesday, 10 July 2012

back on the footplate ...

With my wargames projects now reducing in tempo I've had time to get back to my garden railway,  however with the weather last year and this I've not had much opportunity to run trains outdoors - so the time available has been spent getting my indoor 'wet weather' garage layout into shape.

I've been keeping up with things by reading GardenRail - nice to know what new products are available and what others are doing.

A quick look round the garage layout, first the removable bridge section by the door ...
top end, with defunct windmill and signal cabin
the main station ..
round from the main station ...
and then to the small station on the other side (then back to the bridge)

Quick list of jobs to do:
1) get more 'train play-time' in !!
2) convert another loco for pulling my new Accucraft wagons
3) finish off the scenics for the garage layout
4) redo the farm and town areas in the outdoor garden layout due to upcoming changes to paths and some of the planting

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