Monday, 20 July 2015

'power' to the track (3) - track feeds in place

Yesterday I finally got round to getting the power feeds to the track. I soldered on the wire to connector block tags for the two track sections I had prepared

 Laid a feed wire from the control box ...
 out to a connector that sits under the lineside hut, from there two feeds go off to the track, one in the station approach
 and another on the far side just down from Rockery cutting.
I've left the wire out on the surface for easy access, so if I have any problems during run testing I can get at them easily.

Sunday, 19 July 2015

Loads for tipper trucks ...

In order to make my tipper trucks look a bit better I decided to add some loads; initially I added a flat load of sand, this didn't look quite right so I cut some bits of foamboard to represent the a small pile in the middle of the load.
These were then covered in filler and once dried more sand was added,  now all done and seen below sitting in a siding on my garage layout.