Saturday, 23 November 2013

trying to recover some more gravel ...

I'm trying to recover more of the gravel left after the old layout was taken up to use in the new trackbed;  managed to get some together today by using an old brush - a small pile - better than nowt.
will have to try a different technique as the gravel has sunk a bit into the soil.

I had removed the smaller gravel from by the garage to use in the trackbed, leaving it looking rather bare.  A small collection of materials - already recovered gravel and edging materials await my next session of trackbed laying...
Went out today to get some gravel to match the rest of the paths in the garden and a good quarter of an hour's work had it all down and now it looks much better

Sunday, 10 November 2013

New Guards Van and more progress on the trackbed ....

Firstly a guards van has finally arrived for my goods train (this item has been on pre-order since Nov 2012 - waiting for a new production batch run to me made). Well worth the wait, lovely model - must add a guard leaning on the rail at the back if I can find a suitable figure.
 Also today with a lovely sunny (but a bit cool day) continued with laying the trackbed - have now got round to the signal box.
The next phase of the trackbed laying will be up the back stretch and round the top of the garden - I'm leaving the station area for last.