Saturday, 23 November 2013

trying to recover some more gravel ...

I'm trying to recover more of the gravel left after the old layout was taken up to use in the new trackbed;  managed to get some together today by using an old brush - a small pile - better than nowt.
will have to try a different technique as the gravel has sunk a bit into the soil.

I had removed the smaller gravel from by the garage to use in the trackbed, leaving it looking rather bare.  A small collection of materials - already recovered gravel and edging materials await my next session of trackbed laying...
Went out today to get some gravel to match the rest of the paths in the garden and a good quarter of an hour's work had it all down and now it looks much better


  1. Good work. Possibly use weed control matting (try and get the industrial type called Mypex) to lay before putting the gravel down. Will prevent gravel sinking in and weeds coming up but allow water through. You may be able to find some old bits at your garden centre they want to get rid of.

    1. That Mypex looks the biz - thanks for the tip; I'm using a double layer of a cheeper weed fabric under the new trackbed.