Tuesday, 30 April 2013

still digging ....

Another session of work on the bottom part of the garden has seen the last of the old weed fabric removed and the area mostly dug over
 Also for some relief for my back from digging a bit of wood working has been done to make a small work surface/table out of decking parts in the lean-to; just the right height to assemble track sections or fiddle with rolling stock.
Still more to do, next planned job is to get the old weed fabric off the top half of the garden.


  1. Looking promising... a blank canvas to work on. will you be putting down new weed fabric?

    1. planning to minimise the use of weed fabric - will be trying to use more ground cover plants instead of gravel. May not use any edging material for the railway track, will let it merge into the planting more - wooden split log rolls or similar will be avoided if possible as they rot way too quickly (saves money in long term too).

      -- Allan