Saturday, 20 June 2015

'power' to the track (1)

Have started putting stuff together for getting 'power' to the track.  I've put in a weatherproof extension lead for summer use - with the flex going up to the lean-to under cover of gravel.
 Next getting ready for the power connections to the track, using some spare track I've made up two sections which will be swapped out with what is currently in place - these have the connectors to go to the controller - for these I used brass track connectors with solder tags.
 On the 'to do' list
  • buy suitable cable and layout the lengths needed
  • buy conduit/plastic pipe to hold the cable
  • setup control box (saved from the old layout)
  • solder cable to track and lay into the control box
  • clean the track
  • play with trains ---->  'toot - toot'

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