Monday, 2 May 2016

Looking foward ....

First off a list of jobs to do:
  • change one of my tipper wagons to have a chopper coupling so the three together can be pulled by all locos
  • have a look at my track cleaning loco and see if I can find out why it is not running properly
  • repaint the roofs of the trackside houses
  • get the station pieces secured to the underboard
  • repair the water tower and if possible get it on a base to reduce risk of it being blown over again
  • clean the outdoor track and check track running with electric locos
  • trial removal of chopper hook from coupling at one end of each piece of rolling stock (more prototypical), to see if it improves running and prevents derailments on bends.
Oh dear lots to do !

What else - some new rolling stock is overdue...
  • I've pre-ordered an Isle of Man E-Van in Maroon & Cream livery - expected availability in Dec 2016 - so nice little Xmas present for me.
  • I'll see if I can pick up some suitable items off Ebay or from Toy&Train fairs.

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