Sunday, 23 April 2017

Track maintenance and first train running session of the year ....

Decided to do the track replacement in rockery cutting today. Nice weather, just right for faffing about outside. So up with the old track section ....
 I laid the track down in position and marked the overlap, to be cut off
after cutting off a inch or so from the end of the long straight, I fitted some new track joiners to the curves
new track section in place, now the bend is better positioned ....

As I worked I was being watched - a robin was keeping an eye on me. He was quite un-phased by me taking a photo of him

having had his portrait taken he flew off ...

With the track works done - time to run a train :)

Before I started I gave the track a good sweep and checked for any debris in the points. For a test train I used my Playmobil battery r/c diesel and a guards van.
 round the bottom of the garden through the town ...
up the back towards rockery cutting...

then through the cutting, watched by the engineers ....
nice to get the track sorted,  main pending job is to get the track cleaned for running powered trains.


  1. Well done and great pics/videos!

  2. Was a replacement bus service available whilst the line was closed ? , Tony