Monday 4 September 2023

Previous Model Railway layouts (009 and OO/HO)

I made a number of model railway layouts many years back. They have all been dismantled and the rolling stock sold off.  

I thought it prudent to upload some pictures and put them online, just in case I forget where I stored them.

Riverdale - 009 

Brompton Town - 009 

Cranborough OO/HO - 1930's GWR

Cranborough 00/HO - 1970's BR  

(change of a few scenic items and run with Western Region BR 'Blue stock')

Lynnmouth 1930's GWR - 00/HO

Wotton End OO/HO - 1930s' GWR

A small wagon repair works by a city branch line terminus. The last layout before I moved up size-wise to modelling in G scale.

the only view of the whole layout I could find - just before I added all the scenic scatter.

th' th' that's all folks...